Lymac International Ltd is an agricultural commodity trading company. We offer quality agricultural commodities, including peanut kernels, canola seeds, beans and pulses, sesame seeds and meat products, imported directly from the origins around the world, and exported to China, as well as to other countries or regions of Southeast Asia.


peanut kernels
canola seeds
beans and pluses
sesame seeds
meat products

*Core Competence

Deep knowledge of the Asia and U.S. agricultural commodity industries;
Ability to consistently source high-quality products from suppliers/manufacturers around the global;
Understanding of the pricing and cost structures of the industries to obtain competitive prices;
Knowledge of Asian consumer preferences and ability to work with suppliers /manufacturers in responding to customer demand;  
Established network of distributors in Asian countries;
Established relationships with shipping companies to minimize transportation cost and delivery time;
Dedication to customer service and quality control;
Long term vision that serves to guide the company’s controlled and sustainable expansion;
Experience with international and domestic best practices and operation models.

The main competitive advantages of Lymac International Ltd. lie in the high quality and competitively priced products, our broad networking and all-encompassing long-term relationship with qualified suppliers and good-credit customers, and our wide ranging ability of handling logistics and shipments to various destinations worldwide 

Lymac International Ltd. performs as a connection between the suppliers and customers of agricultural commodities by providing comprehensive trading services to fulfill the requirements of both ends. Our broad and wide-ranging business network and comprehensive long-term relationship with qualified suppliers, good-credit customers and reliable logistics agents serve as competitive advantages over our competitors. With high quality products and reliable service, we win the good reputation of existing suppliers and customers. Moreover, more and more potential business partners are becoming interested in our company because of our good business performance.

Our core operating team is made up of those who have good educational and professional background. Our procurement and sales team provide value-added services for customers, such as summaries of market condition, analysis of price indication, interpretation of quality of products among others. Our company is not a sales broker, but an international trading company that utilizes capital to purchase goods at origin, manages cash flows, handles logistics and paperwork,examines quality of goods at site, and oversees delivery of goods to customers. Our company bears risk and takes responsibility of our trades.


*Market Strategy

The world trade commodity market is constantly dynamic. We want to keep our company abreast and on the same pace with the trends, keep our clients informed and adapt the way we source product in response to these changes. We want to be a solutions based organization whose business is built on our trading partner’s continued trust and support. We always practice with  professionalism in establishing long-term network with suppliers, customers, logistics agents, traders and etc.

In-time information---We value continuously learning and leveraging knowledge. We receive in-time information from various sources and in return we provide comprehensive pricing analysis to our buyers, and always quality control.
Reasonable price with high-quality products and services--- We have enhanced our ability to promptly assess global market psychology. We study price trend movements in the global market and conduct significant research on statistical data.
Risk Management--- We make sure to sign contracts with customers to settle down pricing of agricultural products to lower risks by both parties. We research pricing worldwide and make comparisons to make sure we are offering the best quality at the lowest price possible.
Relationship with suppliers and customers--- Our team aims at winning the trust of our esteemed suppliers and clients in global agricultural commodity markets. We want to engage with suppliers to engage in value-added activities. We want to have a better knowledge of the client’s specific country and needs. We believe that strong business relationship will help us gain extensive success in future business.
Effective Advertising----We actively attend trade shows to find potential partners, to network with existing suppliers and customers, and to gain latest and in-depth knowledge about the industry.